What to Expect from French Immersion Camp — And How to Volunteer

Do you want to learn French, one of the five love languages, quickly and easily? A natural way to learn languages is through immersion in the culture. Instead of learning the language, word by word and phrase by phrase, you just jump into the culture and cumulate knowledge in real-life situations. Read on to learn what to expect and how to get started.


In the beginning, you’ll receive a small booklet and some instruction on common phrases all tourists need at first. You can ask for the bathroom, water, directions and say pleasantries using the phrases in the beginner’s guide. From there, you need to pay close attention to interactions around you to learn the French language as children do.

You’ll quickly pick up common greetings, questions and statements used throughout the day. By the end of a month in complete immersion, you can usually participate in simple conversations and ask for all of your needs. Many people fluently speak the language after six months to a year of immersion training.

How to Attend

To attend immersion camps on a budget, consider volunteering your time. You can volunteer as a chaperon for the younger groups or act as an assistant to the main instructor to obtain low-cost or free accommodations. You’ll need to pay for your transportation to the city, however.

  1. Fill Out Registration Forms: Begin by completing all of the required registration forms, including background check information and career plans. Your schooling and career back-ground information helps instructors place you in the appropriate volunteer position and group. You need to complete these by the given deadline to avoid missing the group travel date.
  2. Attend the Meeting: Each group must attend a special meeting that discusses travel plans, accommodations, planned schedule and language acquisition expectations. You’ll need to attend the meeting soon after completing the initial registration forms.
  3. Travel to the Meeting Spot: Your group may meet at the airport or station be-fore or after your flight or train ride to French-speaking locales in Canada. Obtain your meet up information well before traveling to the airport. After your group meets up, everyone will usu-ally stick together throughout the French immersion camp experience.

Enjoy the Trip

Once you’re grouped up, there’s nothing left to do but participate in outings and do your best to learn the language. Everyone will need to speak French throughout their time in the group to help others pick up words, phrases and meanings necessary for fluency.