Henry Sunderland

Hello everyone! My name is Henry. I’ve been traveling around the country since I was a wee lad. My parents taught me the joys of travel in an effort to expand my outlook on the world. At first, I only appreciated the fun times we had.
Over time, however, I learned about how much the world offered in terms of culture, language and humanity. We traveled from coast to coast to explore oceans, mountain ranges and rainforests each year. Sometimes we would help others in need. Other times, we just soaked in the sights and knowledge offered in each region.
Through our travels, I met an amazing number of people and animals who shaped my outlook on the world. I’d love for everyone to experience the wonders of the world by stepping out of their comfort zone at least once a year.
I’d like to share my knowledge about the world with you in hopes you’ll take frequent trips for personal growth. I’ve compiled information about educational opportunities, language immersion and volunteer opportunities for this site.
I hope to open your eyes toward all of the reasons you could travel throughout Canada and beyond. By the end of each article, you may feel inspired to go learn about the world, adopt new languages and help others through difficult situations. I hope you cumulate the knowledge you need to make your travel plans a success. Welcome to my site. Feel free to stay awhile and come back often.