3 Educational Travel Opportunity Types in Canada

If you’re looking to gain personal growth from your travel opportunities, consider educational-based programs. You can learn about a wide range of cultural activities, including music, art and nature, during these trips. Diversify your cultural knowledge to expand your hobbies or narrow down a career focus. Read on to learn more.


You can begin your musical exploration by visiting Canada’s National Music Centre. From there, go to other music-based museums on your vacation route. Each of these venues offers a look into group and solo based music-making techniques using electronics, instruments and voice. You can often try out the different instruments, listen to musical rhythms and learn history of composers, solo artists and groups.

Be sure to see musicians in person by going to the opera, symphony or even school band performances. Hit some concerts along the way to see how music has evolved over the years. You may even find street musicians to speak with and listen to on your way.


You’ll likely find dozens of art galleries along your travels through Canada. Each art gallery focuses on a different style, artist or medium each season. By visiting several in a row, you can gain insight about Canadian artists and techniques used throughout history.

Try to find a few venues that offer live art events to see the action in person. Live art events focus on allowing viewers to see an artist create their vision from beginning to end without any interruptions. Try your hand at making art by sculpting characters, painting scenic views or photographing the city.


Spend time in nature to learn about native wildlife, plants and geology. Since nature frequently inspires music and art, this is a fun way to finish up a well-rounded educational trip through Canada.
You can visit gorgeous aquariums, zoos and reserves to spot animals in their simulated natural habitats. Canada also contains a gorgeous array of hiking trails that will let you see animals in the wild. Go on a tour to see the natural world through educators’ eyes and learn about conservation efforts going on right now.

Take It All In

Be sure to take notes, photographs and videos to document everything you learned on your educational trip. You might feel overwhelmed by the sheer amount of information. Documentation of your activities will help you go back and learn about items that really interested you.