3 Ecological Travel Volunteer Opportunities

Do you want to really make a difference in the world while traveling to a variety of Canadian locations? Do you love the idea of helping wildlife, creating sustainable water systems or assisting communities in need? If so, you can participate in ecological travel opportunities as a volunteer. Your knowledge and manpower will go a long way in helping groups that need assistance today. Read on to learn more.

Wildlife Conservation

Throughout Canada, wildlife — such as turtles, salmon and owls — struggle to maintain healthy numbers due to a loss of natural habitat. As humans move into new areas, wild animals, which are used to thousands of acres of room, push together uncomfortably, causing distress and loss of life.
To combat this problem, people create protected wildlife conservation areas. These areas need a lot of upkeep to stay in good shape. You might need to help thin predator stock, provide field medical care or relocate animals in need of sustained care.

Sustainable Water

Small rural communities frequently struggle to obtain fresh water for each household. Although all people need water to survive, kids, elders and pregnant women often suffer due to a lack of clean water to drink. Health problems run out of control when the only available water is contaminated with parasites, amoebas, bacteria and viruses.
To fix this issue, you can help set up fresh water delivery systems for rural communities across Canada. You can also pass out water filter straws and teach communities how to use them to obtain fresh water nearly anywhere.

Community Health Needs

Isolated communities without birth control, prenatal care and medical interventions frequently struggle to stay healthy throughout the year. If you have a medical background, you can offer your services to communities in need to keep them healthy and thriving.
Even if you don’t, you can support medical officials during emergency situations and at poorly staffed local clinics. In addition to specialized medical care, patients need clean linens, fresh food and personal support to make it through medical conditions unscathed.

Participate Often

Once you return home, you might be itching to immediately return to the fray and help out some more. Doing good in nature or communities can feel quite addictive as you see what a difference your effort makes. Be sure to take time for yourself and reflect on each opportunity before going back to help more. Reflection will help you target your strengths to help individuals and groups that need it most.