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The Best Tips To Make Your Party Bus Experience Awesome

Posted by on Feb 5, 2015 in Blog

If you’ve never experienced the joy of a party bus, you’re missing out. There’s something exciting about driving from location to location, enjoying great food, tasty brews and rocking jams without the fear of drunk driving tickets. However, your party bus success rate will vary depending on how you treat the experience. Make sure to adhere to the following party bus protocols to maximize your fun! Inspect the Bus Before Departure Before you pay a single dime for your party bus, you should step on board and see if it fulfills your needs. There are a variety of key questions you should ponder before renting. These questions include: Number of seats Comfort of the seats Existence and location of bathrooms Emergency exits Music sources The latter is especially important if you want to have fun: after all, what is a party bus without some sweet jams blasting loud enough to shake the glass? Bring Plenty of Ice Party buses don’t have refrigerators, so you’re going to have to bring coolers and plenty of ice. Extra ice will be especially important as the night wears down and the brews start to flow. Naturally, you can always stop at a grocery store or a party mart to pick up ice, but...

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