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Rideshare: The New Generation’s Taxi

Posted by Henry Sunderland on May 7, 2015

In most large cities and suburban areas, calling a cab is the most common way to get from one place to another in a pinch or if you don’t want to take public transportation. For decades, a taxi cab has been a symbol of movement in and around the big city. Today, ridesharing options are becoming quite popular, and offer a new twist on the once commonplace cab. What is Ridesharing? The concept of ridesharing is simple: “hail” a driver via a smartphone app, wait for them to arrive, and get to your destination, all from the comfort of your current location. This new technology allows users to tell the ridesharing application where you are and where you need to be, which in turns locates available drivers. You simply take a look at the potential driver and their proposed rates, say yes, and pay remotely with your phone. The driver comes to pick you up in their personal vehicle, and take you to your destination. Of course, tipping is recommended and can be done in cash or added to your total when you pay. What are the Benefits of Using A Rideshare Service? There are plenty of reasons to choose the rideshare experience rather than use a taxi. First, you can see which drivers in your area are available, and then get to choose which one you want based on a picture and brief profile. The application may also tell you the make and model of the car they’ll...

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The Best Tips To Make Your Party Bus Experience Awesome

Posted by Henry Sunderland on Feb 5, 2015

If you’ve never experienced the joy of a party bus, you’re missing out. There’s something exciting about driving from location to location, enjoying great food, tasty brews and rocking jams without the fear of drunk driving tickets. However, your party bus success rate will vary depending on how you treat the experience. Make sure to adhere to the following party bus protocols to maximize your fun! Inspect the Bus Before Departure Before you pay a single dime for your party bus, you should step on board and see if it fulfills your needs. There are a variety of key questions you should ponder before renting. These questions include: Number of seats Comfort of the seats Existence and location of bathrooms Emergency exits Music sources The latter is especially important if you want to have fun: after all, what is a party bus without some sweet jams blasting loud enough to shake the glass? Bring Plenty of Ice Party buses don’t have refrigerators, so you’re going to have to bring coolers and plenty of ice. Extra ice will be especially important as the night wears down and the brews start to flow. Naturally, you can always stop at a grocery store or a party mart to pick up ice, but that slows the momentum of your fun. Carefully Plan Your Stops No matter how well you plan your trip and stock your cooler, there will always be a few moments when you have to stop. For example, some party buses...

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The Difference Between 4 And 5 Star Hotels

Posted by Henry Sunderland on Jan 19, 2015

Star ratings of hotels represent the types of amenities and features they provide. It is a way to let visitors know what they can expect when they choose that hotel. People know that if they are choosing a 4-star hotel, it probably has a lot more features than a 2-star hotel. However, some of the ratings get a little confusing when it comes down to how they got that rating, particularly the difference between a 4 and 5 star hotel. Here are some ways to tell the difference and know what you can expect. Guest Rooms The first way you can tell the difference between 4 and 5-star hotels is by the guest rooms and what amenities are offered in the rooms. Most 4-star hotel rooms are going to be luxurious, offering style and upscale amenities in the rooms. It is not uncommon to find a plush terry cloth robe and slippers, granite countertops in the bathroom, and maybe even a sinking tub. So what does the 5-star hotel room have? With this hotel room, it offers what you get in a 4-star hotel room, with a little extra. Instead of a standard sinking tub, it will have one that has Jacuzzi jets. There might be a double vanity in the bathroom, fresh flowers in the room, or surround sound with the television. Hotel Amenities The amenities and services the hotel offers may also vary slightly between 4 and 5-star hotels, though this definitely depends on the individual hotel....

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5 Details To Think About When Planning A Vacation On A Budget

Posted by Henry Sunderland on Jan 6, 2015

Planning a vacation is very exciting, and it is always nice to have something to look forward to. However, in the excitement of booking flights and making reservations at hotels, it is easy to forget about the small details that are essential to make a vacation a success. If you’re planning a vacation, do forget to account for the following details: Checked Baggage Fees Many airlines now charge an extra fee to check suitcases and bags. If you’re traveling with your family, these extra fees can put a dent in your vacation budget. Before you start packing for your vacation, find out the baggage policy for the airline that you are flying. If you want to lower checked baggage fees, combine everything that your family needs in as few bags as possible, instead of allowing each person to have their own bag. You can also try to pack as much as you can into carry on bags in order to avoid checking bags. Airport Transportation You may have already booked a rental car in your vacation destination, or perhaps you can use public transportation. But many people forget to make plans for how they will get to and from the airport. This decision will depend on the number of people traveling, as well as your budget. In some cases an airport shuttle may be best, while in other cases taking a taxi from a company like Calgary United Cabs can be the most hassle-free way to get to the...

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How To Find A Cheap (Yet Comfortable) Hotel In Canada

Posted by Henry Sunderland on Dec 17, 2014

Whether you’re planning a winter getaway to Quebec or a summer family vacation to Toronto, Vancouver, or Calgary, no one wants to pay any more than necessary for a place to stay. Fortunately, there are several things you can do to help insure that you don’t pay any more than you have to. Ways to save on hotel rates 1. Consider the package deals. If you’re flying to your destination, it’s a good idea to compare the airline vacation package rate to the individual price of the flight and hotel. Most airlines, including Air Canada, offer such packages that include the flights, the hotel, hotel tax and usually one other component like a sightseeing tour or a rental car. If you just call to inquire about flights, you generally won’t be offered the package rate; you’ll have to ask. One other thing to keep in mind is that such packages usually require that you pay for your accommodations in advance, typically 45 to 60 days prior to your departure. 2. Book early. Contrary to popular opinion, often the best hotel deals go to those who plan well in advance of their departure date. Like airlines, hotel companies like to know early that they are going to have a full hotel. It makes upper management and shareholders happy. To that end, they often offer deeply discounted rates when you book early. Sometimes, you’ll have to pre-pay in order to get these rates. 3. Ask one last time at the front...

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4 Great Reasons To Try Cab Sharing

Posted by Henry Sunderland on Dec 8, 2014

With fuel prices on the rise and all the damage that is being done to the environment, it may seem that there is not a lot you can do to save money and the environment. However, if you take a taxi to work every day then you can cut down on costs and save the environment at the same time by sharing a cab.  You may choose to do this with friends or family, and with the advent of online cab sharing services, you can even find people in your area who are going in the same direction as you are and share a ride with them. Here are the major benefits of cab sharing. Save Money on Taxi Fare If you are able to find a relative, friend or someone you meet through an online cab sharing service to pool resources with you to get to your destination, then you will pay less for your journey, especially if it is a long commute. The savings over the course of the week could allow you to splurge on something you otherwise could not afford had you travelled alone for the week. Ease Congestion on the Road When you cab share, you are doing your part to ease congestion on the roads. Sharing a ride with one or two other persons means that there are one or two less cabs going in the same direction. This decreases traffic going in that direction and reduces the congestion on the road, allowing...

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Educational Travel

If you're looking for personal growth, plan some educational travel opportunities in Canada to learn about art, music and nature. Read on to learn more.

French Immersion

Attending an immersion camp in Canada will help you become fluent in French quickly and efficiently. Keep reading to learn how to participate as a volunteer.

Ecological Volunteer

You can use your unique strengths and skills to help animals and communities in need while traveling through Canada. Learn about ecological volunteer opportunities here.